Suncoast Ecologic utilises Integrated Weed Management (IWM)practices to optimise weed control. In order to properly understand the benefits of IWM, closed water systems need to be understood. A closed water system can be dams, lakes, wetlands or any other water body that is land locked and has no water flow or current, like a creek or river.  These water bodies can be natural or artificial and act as nature’s sponge, collecting and trapping nutrients during rain events.  As their name suggests, closed water systems cannot be flushed and accumulate nutrients.

In a natural environment the amount of nutrient entering a system is reasonably low.  However, when a water system is located in an urban area, it is exposed to a suite of anthropogenic impacts (impacts from humans), largely form development.  During rain events disturbed soils and fertilisers enter our waterways at unnaturally high levels.  High nutrient levels create perfect conditions for rapid growth weed growth.

Generally, but depending on the extent of weed establishment, we recommend the removal of weeds from the water body using mechanical or manual methods as explained below.  This removes the bulk of pant matter from the water body, excluding it from becoming nutrients and perpetuating the cycle.

Suncoast Ecologic uses three difference control methods, which are explained below in order of preference.

Mechanical/Manual Control Suncoast Ecologic uses mechanical control to remove as much weed as practically possible. Removal of the weed from the system benefits the waterbody by reducing the amount of plant matter or potential nutrients decomposing which provides food for weeds. We have several machines which allows us to cut submerged weeds such as Water lilies and Cabomba and remove free floating weeds such as Salvinia and Water Lettuce.

Chemical Control Suncoast Ecologic uses industry approved herbicides and other chemicals to control the remaining infestations after mechanical removal or if the infestation is small..  This method is our least preferred.

Other services we provide include:

Revegetation and Rehabilitation Suncoast Ecologic can revegetate degraded terrestrial and aquatic landscapes using native species.

Maintenance Programs: tailored to each situation and on a case by case basis.