Suncoast Ecologic has been operating as a business undertaking aquatic weed management, including aquatic weed harvesting and maintenance for local Councils, commercial businesses and private landholders since 2006.

Since 2010 Suncoast Ecologic is currently on several Regional Councils Preferred Contractors Lists and was recently placed on the Top 20 Contractors List of a local Regional Council   Suncoast Ecologic implements best practice work methods on all sites both in the public & private sector.

Mechanical Control  Suncoast Ecologic uses mechanical control to remove as much weed as practically possible. Removal of the weed from the system benefits the waterbody by reducing the amount of plant matter or potential nutrients decomposing which provides food for aquatic weed such as Salvinia, Water Hyacinth, Cabomba, Water Primrose.

Chemical Control  - Suncoast Ecologic can use industry approved herbicides and other chemicals to control the remaining infestations after mechanical removal or if the infestation is small   All operators are holders of both Ground Distribution Contractor Licence & Commercial Operators Licence.


Other services we provide include:

Revegetation and Rehabilitation Suncoast Ecologic can revegetate degraded terrestrial and aquatic landscapes using native species.

Maintenance Programs: tailored to each situation and on a case by case basis.

SUNCOAST ECOLOGIC is mindful to leave a site in a clean and orderly state.  Great care is taken to do so both aesthetically and environmentally – Having worked with Regional Councils, the business & private sector for many years we are familiar with Best Practice guidelines & Local Government requirements and expectations.